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CPA Exam Preparation

CPA Exam Preparation Course

Practical Problems in Accounting, ACCY 398

Faculty Director: Professor Frank Nekrasz

The NEW ONLINE University of Illinois CPA preparation course, using materials from Yaeger CPA Review and Wiley CPA Review.

Why choose ACCY 398 to prepare you for the CPA Exam

  • 88% Pass Rate
  • Most public accounting firms will reimburse for the cost of the course
  • Flexibility (take up to 2 semesters to complete the course and have 18 months of access to the course materials)
  • Earn up to 10 credit hours in accountancy (to help meet the new Illinois CPA Exam Requirements).  Students can sign-up to review one or two CPA exam sections (FAR, AUD, REG, BEC). Each CPA exam section review yields 5 hours of credit. If a student decides to review two CPA exam sections he or she will review FAR-AUD or REG-BEC (in line with Yaeger's recommended sequencing).
  • Ability to talk face to face with accounting professors if you need the help
  • Interactive Textbook: Bringing together online Yaeger CPA course videos and community features, this interactive textbook breaks new ground in accounting education.  It provides:
    • Real-time synchronization: As the professor speaks in the course videos, you get text book material presented to you in real time, so you never miss a thing!
  • Automatic content alerts: As you progress through the video content, a helpful icon will notify you if there are additional textbook or other resources available --- one click takes you right to the material you need to see!
  • At your fingertips: Take notes, create bookmarks, and view additional lessons and files at any time. Plus, add an extra level of insight with community created notes, questions and related video links.
  • Course Planner and Calendar (Stay perfectly on track with your CPA studies using daily, weekly and monthly course calendar and management tools). A foundation for CPA success customized just for you.  Whether you want to follow a relaxed or aggressive CPA review study schedule, you'll find step-by-step guidance through all CPA sections and modules here. Created with maximum flexibility in mind, the CPA planner and calendar offers two main options:
    • Recommended - This option provides the full CPA study guidance based on what tests you're planning to take and when. Get estimate completion dates, monitor upcoming milestones, and easy access to homework at all times.
    • Custom - Similar to the recommended version, this offers more advanced options, including daily, weekly and even hourly study layouts. It's all determined by which section(s) of the CPA exam you want to study and when you want to sit for the exam.
    • Through it all, we offer constant guidance and suggestions to keep your studies on track, so you can enjoy streamlined, efficient progress towards passing the exam.
  • Course Registration: Students can register for the course through UI Integrate Self-Service.  Students registering for credit should register for section A.  After adding the course, please use the menu option to increase the credit hours to your desired level. Students that start the course in fall 2013 may complete the course in either December 2013 or May 2014.  Students starting the course in spring 2014 must complete it by May 2014. If you have additional questions, please contact your accountancy advisor.

NOTE:  Questions regarding the CPA Examination should be directed to the Illinois Board of Examiners or equivalent in the state in which you plan to seek certification.