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Degree Requirements

The course requirements for the MAS program are:

Grad HoursCourses
4ACCY 510-Financial Reporting Standards
4ACCY 511-Risk Measurement/Reporting I
4ACCY 512-Risk Measurement/Reporting II
4Accountancy elective
8Non-accountancy electives
8Electives (either accountancy or non-accountancy)
32Total for MAS

The electives, both accountancy and non-accountancy, shall form a coherent program of study, which must be approved by a program adviser. At least 20 of the 32 total graduate hours must be in 500-level courses and at least 24 of the 32 total hours must be earned while enrolled in the Graduate College at the Urbana campus. Students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0 (A = 4.0) to continue in, and graduate from, the MAS program. All courses applied toward the 32 graduate hours required for graduation must be taken for grade and not on a credit-no credit basis.

For current MAS students and/or students entering the MAS program in summer or fall 2014: Once admitted to the first stage of the Bachelor/Master in Accounting Science program, but prior to Graduate College admission (the second stage), students may earn the equivalent of up to 8 graduate hours and apply those equivalent credit hours toward their Master’s degree requirements. In doing so, however, students cannot double count the credit from such courses toward their Bachelor’s degree requirements.  Please see the Fall 2014 Admits section for more information.

Students enrolling in the Bachelor/Master of Accounting Science program may pursue a concentration minor in business and public policy, corporate governance and international business, finance, information technology and control or a concentration in taxation. A student who elects not to pursue a concentration will select their electives to form a coherent program of study. Admission to a concentration may be competitive.