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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do I find an accounting internship?

Students should contact Business Career Services   (BCS) for information about finding an internship. When doing so, students should consider that most accounting firms hire in the fall semester for both spring and summer internships.  BCS is located in suite 1033 of the Business Instructional Facility.

2. Must students take their accounting internship for credit?

No.  The majority of students, with accounting internships, do not enroll in any internship course during the semester of their internship.

3. What are the repercussions of taking a semester off for an internship?

PROGRAM OF STUDY: Students, who have accepted an internship position, should meet with their academic advisor in  order to update their program of study for the time off during the internship semester. 

ACADEMIC DEADLINES It is important that students drop all unneeded classes within the applicable University deadlines. Failure to drop classes will result in a tuition liability. Please consult the current timetable for the drop deadline dates.

UNIVERSITY EMAIL You will lose your email account and CCSO password for the semester that you are not registered at the University.

HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE Students who are not enrolled in the University during the semester of their internship will not receive University provided health insurance coverage. Students may contact the University Student Insurance Office to learn more about this lapse in health insurance coverage as well as to learn about possible opportunities to purchase an extension of coverage. The office can be reached at 217-333-0165 or

If you are covered on your parent’s policy, check with the insurance carrier and make sure a semester off from school will not cause a lapse in coverage.

STUDENT LOANS check with your loan agency and make sure a semester off from school will not change your repayment terms.

4. May I enroll in Accy 290 or Accy 590 more than once?

Yes. Students with multiple qualifying internships may repeat Accy 290 and Accy 590. Students who repeat Accy 590 are limited to earning no more than 4 credit hours in total for all semesters.

5. Will my internship grade count toward my G.P.A. at the time of graduation?

Accy 290:  Accy 290 students do not receive letter grades and instead receive a grade of “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory.”

Accy 590: Accy 590 students do receive letter grades and this grade will eventually factor into your GPA the same as any other course you take at the University.  Because the timing for receipt of the letter grade is  different than your previous coursework it may not count toward your GPA at the time of graduation and therefore may not be counted for the determination of certain graduation honors such as Bronze Table. It depends on whether or not you are planning to graduate in the same semester as your internship (i.e. spring interns planning to graduate in May and summer interns planning to graduate in August).

Yes, I'm graduating in the term of my internship. Ordinarily, all courses taken at the undergraduate level will factor into computation of undergraduate grade point average. However, the Deferred Grade for ACCY 590 will NOT factor into a student’s GPA at the time of graduation. The University bases degree Honors on the undergraduate GPA at the time the College clears the degree. Consequently, ACCY 590 will not count toward earning honors. Further, there will be no subsequent retroactive changes to Honors (i.e., after the ACCY 590 instructor replaces the Deferred Grade with a final grade).

No, I’m not graduating in the term of my internship. Once your internship instructor replaces the Deferred Grade with a final grade it will factor in to your G.PA. the same as any other credit hours earned at the University.