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ACCY 590: Advanced Professional Internship in Accountancy

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Accountancy majors enrolled in the department's integrated bachelor/master program or students with a graduate standing in accountancy may apply to enroll in Accy 590 for 2 hours of graduate credit. The Department approves Accy 590 enrollments based on the quality of the proposed academic project, the nature of the internship work experience, and the prior academic achievement of the student. Additionally, students must have completed the necessary 300-level accountancy courses prior to the start of their internship. Which specific 300-level courses must have been completed depends on the topic chosen for the academic project (discussed below). International students who are working in the United States on a student visa need to meet with an advisor at ISSS (333-1303) before considering any form of off-campus employment.

Students who have been admitted to either/both Stage I  and/or Stage II  of the BS/Master program are able to take the internship for graduate credit assuming (i) they receive departmental approval, (ii) have completed the appropriate 300 level accountancy course (or equivalent) and (iii) the nature of the work performed during the internship is consistent with the topic chosen for the academic project.  Students in Stage I of the BS/Master program who wish to take the internship for graduate credit, may do so but doing so will count against the number of courses that the student may transfer from hours to units (for graduate credit). That maximum is 8 hours. Thus, if a student in Stage I of the Bachelor/Master program were to take the internship for graduate credit for 4 hours, only one other course could be transferred from hours (4 hours to graduate credit).