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The Department of Accountancy employs the following faculty recruiting processes and guidelines:


The Dean of the College of Business provides authority for the Department of Accountancy to recruit and hire both tenure-track and non tenure-track faculty.


The Head of the Department of Accountancy annually:


Establishes an annual hiring strategy that reflects the department’s mission and progress toward achieving the mission. The general strategy is to focus on leading candidates with substantial promise of achieving the Department’s promotion and tenure standards. A secondary focus is on meeting the instructional needs of the Department’s various degree programs.


Appoints a Faculty Recruiting Committee as a standing committee of the department;


Appoints the chair (or co-chairs) of the Faculty Recruiting Committee;


Assigns duties and functions to the Faculty Recruiting Committee, which include:


Assemble a list of promising faculty prospects based on inquiries of peer institutions, general accountancy faculty knowledge, and advertisements in prominent academic accountancy journals.


Review materials (e.g., vitae, recommendation letters, and publications) of applicants.


Invite applicants to campus for a formal interview. An interview includes meetings with individual faculty and graduate students and a presentation of an unpublished research paper in an Accountancy Forum attended by faculty and graduate students.


Solicit accountancy faculty feedback that evaluates each faculty candidate in terms of research potential, teaching potential, and service potential.


Based on available evidence and advice, makes recommendations for hiring accountancy faculty to the Dean of the College.


The Department Advisory Committee considers applicant materials and the accountancy faculty evaluations of the applicant’s research, teaching and service potentials. After deliberation, the Department Advisory Committee makes hiring recommendations to the Head of the Department.


The Department of Accountancy Promotion and Tenure Committee considers the case of any applicant for a position that involves the simultaneous grant of tenure, and this Committee makes tenure recommendations to the Head of the Department.

The processes for recruiting candidates for a professorship or chaired position are similar to those outlined earlier, except that the Head of the Department may appoint a recruiting committee separate from the Faculty Recruiting Committee.