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Course Syllabus Guidelines

A course syllabus is an important mechanism for communicating to students the nature of the course and the expectations of the course instructor for student performance. A well-developed course syllabus can result in better-informed students and can deter a wide range of student problems that may arise from miscommunication and uninformed student expectations.

Department of Accountancy faculty and instructors shall prepare course syllabi and provide them to their students on the first day of instruction as either a class handout or posting on a course web site.

Course syllabi should include the following information at a minimum:

  • Course rubric/number and name;
  • Time, days, and place of meeting;
  • Instructor's name, office, office hours, phone, and email address;
  • TA’s name and where appropriate office, office hours, phone, and email address;
  • Background or prerequisites for the course, goals of the course and what students are expected to learn or what topics they will explore;
  • Required and recommended texts, readings and other materials for course, including course packets and where packets can be obtained;
  • Summary form topical outline of course and/or weekly schedule;
  • Description of work required of students and the extent to which the work is to be done individually or in groups: e.g., papers (number, length), exams, journal writing, homework, laboratory work, projects, dates for exams and papers;
  • Methods for evaluating student performance/grading policies (including whether they will be graded on the plus/minus scale) and how their grades will be determined and procedures for resolving any grading disputes;
  • Description of course policies regarding attendance, missed examinations, late work, student integrity, and other appropriate issues.

The University requires the Department to maintain a twenty-year archive of course syllabi by semester. Consequently, the instructors should submit an electronic copy of course syllabi (as early as possible each term) to the Department. Course syllabi should be formatted in either Word or Adobe Acrobat.